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Peek-A-Boo Commercial Signs

When designing your signs it is important to think about the needs you have and the eventual placement of your sign. Are you putting a small sign in front of a residential property or a large sign on a busy highway? The designs of these signs are going to be drastically different in order to insure that your information is effectively conveyed. So with these things in mind, our graphic designers want to share some insider information for you to consider when designing your signs.

Readability Chart

Letter Visibility Chart


What is best font for busy highway signs?

Probably the most important thing we can share with anyone designing their own outdoor signs is to be very careful with the text. Fun fonts can be an asset, they are great when they help to convey an overall message, but many of those whimsical or funky fonts are very hard to read. As a heading they can be readable; however probably not to be used for small body copy, your best choice for that is a simple Times New Roman or Arial font.

Avoid all CAPS

Another simple way to promote readability of your sign is to avoid using all CAPS; while this does emphasize some important information it drastically affects the ability to read quickly and accurately. Instead use a bold or italic version of the font or bullet points to help highlight key points and help make the sign clear to potential customers.

How to make body content on sign?

The amount of text you are including should also be considered, signs are meant to grab attention of potential customers and a sign covered in tons of tiny text isn’t going to bring you clients. The amount of body copy should be considered when choosing the size and location of your sign. If you are looking to catch customers flying by your highway-placed sign at 60MPH you are going to want to seriously edit the text to make sure all the information has enough space to remain readable. Consult the “Letter Visibility” chart for the best letter height to viewing distance for your needs.

Marketing Tips for Non-Profits

The holiday season is about giving to other, espically the less fortunate. Various charities do great work for millions of people all year long, but because the holidays are a giving time for so many others it is the time of year when many charities do a good deal of their fundraising . In order for these charities to raise money many will host wonderful donation events for the public. These events can be costly to the organization and it can be hard to advertise for these events if the marketing budget is not very large. 1-800-The-Sign offers solutions with our inexpensive, custom designed signs and banners.

Our vinyl banners with unique custom designs can grab anyone’s attention. You can hang the banners at the event at and or at your charities location. With our vinyl banners being custom designed you can make any occasion the talked about event happening in your community. This is just one inexpensive idea and there are so many other ways to capture people’s attention too. For more information and to order the vinyl banners that we have been specializing in for over 15 years, go here.

Yard Signs

You’ve seen them, on the a busy street corner while you are waiting for the traffic light to change, small yard signs on metal stands. A creative design on these cheap signs will be sure to attract people’s attention. Perhaps a fundraising carnival is in your future, placing small signs with the important information on the corner near a daycare center will attract people to your organization who may have never even known about it. A larger sign on a highway or busy road may also help you raise money for your charity, giving you more exposure and space for information.