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  • How can you make signs so inexpensive?

    There are inherent efficiencies in specializing in such a narrow line of products. The raw materials used are purchased in truck and container loads. Labor cost is minimized through automation and a highly systemized process. The savings is passed on to our clients.

  •   What are the signs made of and how long do they last?
    corraguated plastic sign material

    10 mm - Approx. ½" thick rigid signboard. The signboard is a heavy gauge engineered corrugated plastic, with a two year outdoor life. It is a good replacement for plywood and is opaque.

    4 mm - Approx. ¼" thick signboard, commonly called corrugated plastic. This material has a one year outdoor life and can appear slightly translucent in direct sunlight.

  • What size signs do you offer?

    Our most common sizes are 4‘x8‘ and 4‘x4‘ however, we offer a variety of smaller signs. The signs can aslo be cut to custom sizes. Larger "billboard type" signs are also available by using multiple 4‘x 8‘ panels to make sign sizes such as 8‘x8‘ or 8‘x16‘.

  • What is the Bidder Getter?

    The Bidder Getter is one of our most popular signs and literally installs in minutes. It is a 32" x 48" sign with the 16"x12" skirt stand. The sign stands 4‘ tall overall.

    Watch Installation Video

  • Do you offer name riders?

    We have Riders available for our 4x8 and 4x4 signs. The rider size is 12”x43”. The rider comes with chain that can be attached to the bottom track of the post kit. We also offer a 6" x 24" rider and a Top Rider Holder for attaching above any of our smaller signs.

  • Do you offer signs on a material other than the corrugated plastic?

    Yes! Banners are also available. Banners can be made up to 4’ tall by any length. They are made on a 13oz glossy vinyl material. Banners are seemed with grommets every 2’ as well as ropes running through the top and bottom. For pricing information please email your request to

  • How do you ship a sign of that size?

    The signs are scored, folded, and sent in a 2’x 4’ box. The signs are scored against the corrugations of the material so it does not effect the rigidness of the sign.

  • What carrier do you use for shipping?

    Orders are shipped UPS Ground as the standard shipping method. Next Day or 2 Day Air is available upon request.

  • How long will a sign take to reach me once it is shipped?

    1 to 3 business days, depending on where you are located. Orders ship out of 3 production facilities: Florida, Michigan, and California.

    Shipping map 1-800-The-Sign
  • What is the cost to ship these signs?

    Shipping is based on the weight of the package and location it is shipping to, with a minimum of $20 per order. Post kits have a flat rate charge of $25 per Standard post kit and $35 per Self Standing or Arrow post kit. Please contact us for an exact quote.

  • How does the order process work?

    The order process is simple, once you submit a complete order (via our web site, phone, fax or email) a proof will be sent for you to review, within a few hours. You can make as many adjustments to this proof as you need, we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your layout. Once we receive the approval of your layout, via email or fax, your order will be processed immediately.

  • What will the lead time be once the sign is approved?

    Orders approved before 3pm EST go on that days production schedule. This is not a guarantee your order will ship same day, however we do everything we can to ship as many same day orders as possible. Orders approved after 3pm are shipped out the following business day. Large orders that require a lot of print time may take up to two business days to ship.

  • What can I put on the sign?

    Anything you like! Included with all our signs is your company logo, the layout, and design work. Photos, maps, and renderings can be added to the signs for an additional charge.

  • Can pictures be printed on the sign?

    Yes! Full color personal photos, property renderings, or maps can be added to the sign for an additional charge. Images set up to be printed directly from a file are an additional $35.00 per sign. Images that require scanning, set-up or map creation are an additional $75.00 per sign. Quantity discounts do apply to these charges. There is a maximum of $75 charge per sign. If a personal photo and map or rendering are on one sign, the higher of the two will apply. Double sided signs only have one charge.

  • Is there a set up fee?

    No. The layout and design are all included in the price of the sign. However, if you cancel an order after a design has been started there will be a $30 cancellation fee. This fee can be applied towards a future order.

  • Will I be able to see a proof before the sign is printed?

    Yes! We will e-mail a proof for you to review. You will then be able to make unlimited changes until the design is the way you want it.

  • Are there discounts for multiple signs?

    Yes! The discounts start as low as quantity 2. The price and discount varies on the size of the sign and only applies to identical signs.

  • Can I change some information on a sign I have already received?

    Yes! If you need to change some general information, like a phone number or feature of the sign, decals are available. Decals are similar to a peel and stick bumper sticker. The colors and fonts will match your existing sign, so once the decal is in place it will look like new. Auctioneers commonly use the decals to change the date and time of an auction. Decals covering large areas (over a few square feet) can be difficult to manage, and are not recommended.

  • How do the signs hold up on the wind?

    4'x4' & 4'x8' signs installed in our PVC post kit hold up to about 55 MPH winds. The frame kit meets both ASCE 7-02 and FBC 2004 engineering standards. The failure rate is less than 1%. The smaller signs with the skirt stand hold up to about 45MPH winds.

  • How involved is the post kit assembly and installation?

    The post kit is designed for easy assembly and should not take more than 30 – 45 minutes to complete the installation.  There are top & bottom tracks that the sign slides into, and then the two tracks slide into holes in the vertical posts. Once put into place there are a few screws that will hold the set together. You then can install the post kit directly into the ground by digging a hole 18”-24” deep and compacting the dirt around it or you can purchase t-bars from a local hardware store, pound them into the ground and slide the post kit on top (recommended for frozen ground).

    PVC Frame Installation
    Self Standing Installation
    Arrow Post Kit Installation
    Metal Post Kit Installation
    Wood Frame Installation
  • Do you make standard Real Estate yard signs?

    We offer 18"x24" signs and 2’x2’ signs however; they are fabricated with the same corrugated plastic signboard that our larger signs are made with. These are a different style sign then is commonly used in the metal frames or the hangman posts. A skirt stand can be purchased to install these signs as self standing yard signs. The standard metal signs can be purchased however they are not avabile online and have to ship from our Florida location so this may increase shipping time. Please email for a quote.

  • Do you make a Yard Arm post or Hangman post?

    Yes! We offer a Yard Arm that has a telescoping PVC post and a self driving metal support post that comes in a 4ft box. The post is adjustable from 7ft tall to 5ft tall and can hold a sign as large as 36" x 48".

    Watch Installation Video

  • Do you offer refunds on signs?

    Return Policy: Due to the custom nature of our products, we do not except returns on signs. Please be sure to review your proof and sales order thoroughly before approving the order. Unused post kits and stands may be returned for a refund, less a 15% restocking fee. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. 1-800-The-Sign can arrange for the return shipping upon request. The shipping cost would then be deducted from the refund amount. Refunds can either be kept on account or be refunded to the original credit card used for purchase.

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