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There are many questions you may have when considering your need for an outdoor sign. Are you not sure what is the best type sign for you? There are many different types of signs and materials available from a variety of sign companies; monument signs, light up channel lettering, wooden painted signs. How do you know what the best option is for your outdoor sign and budget?

There are many other sign materials available you may want to consider before purchasing your outdoor sign. If you would like the sign to light up, then you may want to purchase a plexiglass or lexan sign with a light box. Another option for you may be channel letters, channel letters are individual three-dimensional letters that you can have light up. The obvious benefit to an electrical sign is that it can easily be seen in the evening, however the down side is they can be very costly and will also require maintenance from time to time. If you are interested in a non-electrical sign then you may want to think about a wood sign or aluminum sign, especially is this is to be used as a permanent outdoor business signs. These sign materials usually can be custom cut into a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your need for your outdoor sign. These sign can sometimes be costly as well. 1-800-The-Sign offers an inexpensive option for you, different then most sign companies. We specialize in a specific sign material, corrugated plastic signboard, available in two thicknesses. A 10 mm, approximately ½” thick signboard, it is extremely rigid and durable, yet lightweight, and is comparable material to wood outdoor signs, these sign have a 2 plus year outdoor life. The second material thickness is a 4 mm, approximately ¼ inch thick signboard and has an approximately one year outdoor life. All our signs are printed on vinyl and laminated to the signboard; these are high quality, cheap signs.  

Another question to consider is where and how is your sign going to be installed? Do you need the sign to be placed directly onto the building or storefront? Our signboards are lightweight enough to be screwed directly onto a wall. Now if the outdoor sign is to be installed next to a road or in front of your business, it may require some sort of stand, base or frame, depending on the material you select. 1-800-The-Sign we offer several styles of post kit, designed specifically for our signs, that helps give a polished finish to your corrugated sign system. The PVC Standard post kit includes two horizontal tracks that the sign slides into, two vertical 8 foot posts. The Arrow and Self Standing are similar; the Arrow includes 3 vertical posts and holds two single sided signs, while the Self Standing includes a base that will allow the kit to sit on any flat surface. The decorative PVC post kit has better overall appearance then most wood signs on wood posts, and tend to attract more potential clients. If you do not wish to purchase one of our post kits a simple wood frame can be assembled; please contact us for our suggested assembly instructions. Do you need an outdoor sign that can easily be set up on a sidewalk? 1-800-The-Sign offers a 3 foot tall by 2 foot wide a-frame sign, great for advertising specials or attracting walk-in customers.

We have been proudly serving customers nationwide for over 15 years. At 1-800-The-Sign we make customer service our number one priority and work hard to expedite all orders. The signs offered by our company are all digitally printed and custom designed to your specifications. We have a design team that will take your information and create a sign design for you to review within only a few hours of placing you order. Once the sign design is to your satisfaction and we have your written approval, your order will ship within 24 hours. Our day does not end until all orders have been completed and 87% of orders approved by 2PM Eastern Standard Time are shipped out same day.  Our experienced 1-800-The-Sign team members are happy to talk to you and help you or answer any questions you may have. We are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm Eastern Standard Time at 1-800-843-7446. You can also submit questions or request information through our contact us page, email us at or fax at 954-989-9099. If you are ready to place your order you may also do so here one our website by selecting the sign size you are interest in above. We want to thank you for considering us for your outdoor sign needs.

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