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Auctions generate big money, but only if you can draw in enough people, your auction sign is one of the best ways to draw in the crowd you need. Auction signs are one of the cornerstone products at 1-800-The-Sign, where we have been producing quality, cheap signs for the auction industry for over fifteen years. Our products are made on a rigid signboard made of a plastic material, printed with UV resistant inks and have an approximately 2 year outdoor life, in normal weather conditions.

While we offer an array of sizes from large to small, we created an auction sign specifically with the industry in mind. Our 32 inch by 48 inch sign was once called our “bidder getter” just for that purpose. It has all of the exposure of our large commercial signs but folds up easily, can fit into a car for transportation and can be installed in minutes, even in hard or frozen ground. With this sign we often suggest our “skirt” stand for installation. This cheap and effective installation method includes a 24 inch by 16 inch base of the same material as your sign and three steel rods that hold the sign upright. This auction sign system has even been tested to with stand 40 to 45 mile per hour winds. The perfect size for a residential area, this approximately 3 ft x 4 ft sign is sure to bring in those bidders! And to make sure your bidders can find your auction location, our smaller sized signs, at 18 in by 24 in and 2 ft by 2 ft, make perfect directional signs. These signs are available in either a 10 mm, approximately one half inch thick or 4 mm, approximately one quarter inch thick, plastic material. The 10 mm signs also have an optional “skirt” stand that can be purchased, the same idea as for the larger sign, just a 12 inch by 6 inch base and two steel rods, while the 4 mm sign is available with a metal H shaped support.

For larger or commercial auctions, one of our large sized 4 ft by 4 ft or 4 ft by 8 ft signs are sure to get everyone’s attention. Placing your sign in one of our three styles of PVC frame kits will give your auction sign an elegant, professional appearance. To install your auction sign on a flat surface, like a parking lot, the Self Standing post kit includes two 6 ft posts and bases pieces to create a sturdy footing as well as the horizontal tracks, flat caps and hardware. For added versatility or use down the road, the Self Standing kits base pieces can be installed in the vertical posts for a 9 ft tall frame that can be installed in the ground. Best for use with street corner placement, the Arrow frame kit will hold two single sided signs at a 90 degree angle, giving you a V shape. This kit includes three 8 ft vertical PVC posts, two sets of horizontal tracks that the sign slides through to be attached to the posts, a set of flat plastic caps and the hardware needed for assembly and installation in the ground. The PVC Standard post kit will hold one single or double sided sign includes two 8 ft tall posts, the vertical tracks for the sign to secure to the posts, flat caps and screws. And an easy way to dress up these frames is the optional French gothic cap, a beautiful finial that will top each of the posts.  If you need something larger, we are able to combine as many 4 ft by 8 ft signboards as needed to create a sign to really highlight your auction. While we do not offer a post kit for any sign over 4 ft by 8 ft, we can offer direction on a wood frame to support your signs.

Changing Information with Decals

With years of experience with our auctioneer clients, we know that information on an auction can change with little warning, even once you have already received your sign. Small changes like that date of the auction or removal of an item from the catalog should not require a new sign, we can offer you a decal to change any small piece of information. A decal is a piece of vinyl, the same type your auction sign was printed on, with matching colors and fonts, so that when it is adhered, similarly to a bumper sticker it looks seamless on your original sign. Our customer service team knows the auction industry moves quickly; your auction signs need to be up as soon as possible. We offer a 24 hour turn around on all orders, with 87% of orders approved before 2 pm Eastern Standard Time shipped same day. When you are ready to order you may do so at your convenience here on our website, with one of our team members by phone at 1-800-843-7446, by email to or by fax to 954-989-9099.

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