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1-800-The-Sign has specialized in designing and producing commercial real estate signs nationally for over 15 years. The signs we offer can be made on either a rigid 10 mm, approximately ½ inch thick or 4 mm, approximately ¼ inch thick, corrugated signboard. We also offer an optional PVC post kit for the 10 mm signboard that is available in a few different styles. The signboard, along with the PVC post kit, is an inexpensive yet durable outdoor sign replacement to the traditional wood commercial real estate signs.

When you are ready to place your sign order you can do so either with one of our team members over the phone at 1-800-843-7446, e-mail, fax 1-954-989-9099, or here on our website. Once we receive your order, our design team will create a sign proof for you to review and have it emailed to you within a few hours. You then will be able to make unlimited changes or revisions as needed until the design is to your satisfaction. Our commercial signs can be custom designed with details to fit the needs of a specific property or we can create a generic design so the sign can be used later on other properties. Photos, maps and renderings can also be added to the signs for an additional charge. This option can be very helpful to potential buyers, especially if the property is set back from the road or it is a new construction. When a plat map is needed on the sign, our design team will most often recreate the map and eliminate any unneeded information and sometimes add color to make it a more effective element on the sign. As soon as you approve the final sign design, your order will then go into production and be shipped out either the same day or next business day. 87% of our orders ship same day when we receive the approval by 2pm Eastern Standard Time.

At 1-800-The-Sign we understand that having effective commercial real estate signs on the property can play a big roll in attracting buyers. This is one reason why we have a 24-hour turnaround time; we do not go home until all orders are shipped! The quicker commercial real estate signs are installed on the property, the quicker the property is likely to be sold. Also when you are able to have the commercial sign installed on the property only a couple days after receiving the listing it will really impress your sellers! We offer a couple different size commercial real estate signs and a few different style post kits. The standard sign sizes are 4 ft. x 8 ft. and 4 ft. x 4 ft., however we can also customize these signs to the size that fits your needs. The post kits can be custom made for a 3 ft. or 4 ft. high sign by 8 ft. or less wide.

Post Kit and Installation Options

We offer three different style post kits; the most common one is the PVC Standard post kit that holds a single or double-sided sign. The double-sided sign in the PVC Standard post kit is recommended for high-speed traffic areas. When the sign is installed perpendicular to the road it can be read by passing drivers from a much greater distance then when installed parallel to the road. Self Standing post kit also holds a single or double sidedsign, but is free standing and can be placed on any level surface, no digging required. The Self Standing post kit can also be converted and installed into the ground similar to the PVC Standard post kit; however the vertical posts are adjustable between a 7ft. and 9ft. height. The Arrow post kit is most commonly used for commercial real estate signs that are installed on a corner lot so you can get the maximum exposure to all passing traffic. It has the same basic set up as the PVC Standard pot kit but includes three vertical posts and holds two single sided signs in a V shape. All post kits are available with either flat caps or decorative French gothic caps.

We also offer 12 in. x 43 in. riders that come with chains and attach to existing screws in the bottom horizontal track of the PVC post kits. We also offer smaller signs, commonly used for directional signs or property signs to help direct your potential buyers to the property when it is located off the main road or when you have multiple parcels being sold. Our team members will be happy to help you decide what size and style will best suite your needs. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions and thank you for your interest in our commercial real estate signs.

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