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The only way to get something sold is to let people know!For sale signs are the best way to bring attention to your property or business, and it is commonly known that the sooner your sign is up the sooner you are getting offers. At 1-800-The-Sign we have been providing quality for sale signs nationwide for over 15 years and with our 24 hour turn around time we can help you have your sign up in as little as a few days. 1-800-The-Sign’s array of products allows us to be able to supply you with the perfect sign to grab the attention of potential buyers. Available in a wide variety of sizes, from the largest at 4 ft x 8 ft to the smallest of 18 in x 24 in, and printed with ultraviolet resistant inks on a rigid corrugated plastic signboard that will last up to 2 years outdoors, in normal weather conditions. The signboard comes in two thicknesses, a 10 mm, approximately one half-inch thick, and 4 mm, approximately one-quarter inch thick.

Perfect when used commercial for sale signs, our large size signs at 4 ft x 8 ft and 4 ft x 4ft, will allow space for lots of information about your property, possibly even room for a rendering of the building or business. Our optional post kits offered for these large outdoor signs are made of white PVC and add an elegant, professional look to the installation of your sign, especially with the French gothic cap option. The post kits are available in three styles to fit all of your sign installation needs, though they are only available on our 10 mm signboard thickness, they can be made to custom sizes, with a 3 ft minimum height and an 8 ft maximum length. The PVC Standard style post kit will hold one single or double sided sign, and installs directly in the ground. The kit includes two 8 ft tall posts, a set of tracks for the sign to slide into and holds the sign in the frame, as well as a set of flat plastic post caps and all the screws needed for installation. The Arrow post kit is of similar structure to the Standard but allows two single sided signs to be held by three 8 ft vertical posts in a V shape. This kit also installs directly in the ground and contains two sets of horizontal tracks to hold the signs in place, the set of flat plastic post caps and all the screws needed for installation. The Self Standing post kit is really our gem for true versatility; it can be assembled two ways, as a PVC standard post kit to be installed in the ground and a flat based design that allows the sign to be free standing on any flat surface, perfect for asphalt or cement. This kit includes the posts, horizontal tracks and additional pieces needed for free standing installation method, as well as the standard flat caps and screws. Residential for sale signs often have a maximum square footage allowance and may require a smaller sign, our 32 in x 48 in signs offer similar exposure as our large size signs but will fold up easily and is offered with an optional “skirt” base, raising the sign 16” off the ground. Real estate for sale signs are often smaller, usually an 18 in x 24 in or 2 ft x 2 ft sign. These signs can be installed easily with our “skirt’ stand for our 10 mm signboard, or we can put grommets in the corners of our 4 mm signboard if it needs to be hung on the property. Prices on for sale signs often change, our designers can even build a design that can be easily changed for multiple uses from a single sign.

The design of your for sale signs is often how the you will receive the most attention and our design team will work with you to design a sign specific to your needs. Working with colors, graphics, your company logo and any information you would like on your sign, a custom designed sign will be created and emailed to you in a short time for your review. We will make as many changes or revisions to your sign, at no additional cost to you, until you are satisfied that the design of your for sale signs meet your needs. Upon receiving approval of your sales order and sign design proof your order will go into production at one of our three production facilities nationwide, located in, Florida, Ohio and California. All orders are shipped via UPS and while most of our customers are in a 1 to 3 day shipping area,  though overnight and 2 day shipping is available upon request. 1-800-The-Sign’s dedicated customer service team and quick service makes purchasing for sale signs easy, if you have any questions or would like to place an order you can call us from 9am to 6pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday at 1-800-843-7446. For your convenience orders can be placed on our website or by email to and fax to 954-989-9099.

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